People usually come to counselling because they want something in their lives to change. Many people want to deal with a difficult relationship or situation - whether personal or professional.  Having counselling can help you work through the blocks and help you to be able to express yourself and identify what you need, in order to re-establish and maintain balance in your life.

I work in a way that is transparent and do not believe that counselling is about ‘fixing’ something; rather that it is a collaborative process to together explore and find a way forward in life. The transformative power lies in the therapeutic relationship.

I will work with you, in a non-judgemental approach, to explore what is troubling you and how you can work through the things you may be experiencing as difficult and challenging. My approach is caring and effective and I enjoy helping you get your desired results. I will support you in reaching your goal in the shortest time possible to produce long lasting change that gets the the root of the issues you’re experiencing . We will look at how your thinking, attitudes, beliefs, opinions and behaviour were formed and how they affect your emotions, behaviours, lives and happiness and how changing them can help you feel better and achieve more. 

The First Step

At the first meeting we will discuss how counselling might benefit you and put a treatment plan in place. Some clients, couples and families chose a brief solution-focused approach of up to 8 sessions which can include setting goals and introducing strategies to address their problems; others prefer to continue on a longer term basis.

I am trained and influenced by several approaches to counselling such as Gestalt, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) and Emotional Release Therapy .  I am familiar with and use the 12-steps , SMART Recovery and relapse prevention when working with addiction(s) and Codependency having spent many years working with addicts and alcoholics in rehab and treatment facilities in the UK and Europe.

Couples Counselling

I work with couples that may be experiencing difficulties in their relationship.  Many couples struggle and go round in circles with their problems. Small changes and new ways of understanding your problems can make significant shifts in a couples life together. Before a relationship can begin to be understood and restored, it is important to recognise and acknowledge that each person has a unique personality, perspective, values and belief system. I will help you to explore how as Individuals in the relationship you may adhere to different values and belief systems which may be triggering conflict in the relationship. I also work with couples that may have issues with co-dependency, addictions and dysfunctions in the family.

Young People and Adolescents

For nearly two decades i have worked with young people that are experiencing difficulties and challenges in their adolescence. This may be due to bullying or cyber-bullying/online bullying and social media issues, mental health and emotional well-being difficulties, family and relationship/friendship issues, peer pressure and problems at school or college. I also work with adolescents that have addiction and alcoholism in the family, whether this is a parent, step parent, yourself or other family member. Whatever the challenge, I can offer a safe place to discuss, listen and help you find a way forward.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts that may be impacting the family unit. My goal for family therapy is to help family members improve communication, resolve family problems and dynamics, understand and handle specific family situations (i.e. loss and bereavement, physical or mental illness, addiction and alcoholism, behavioural issues, separation or divorce, adoptions and fostering, or child and adolescent issues). I aim to help build a better functioning home environment to establish a healthy family unit, and to give each family member skills and tools to deepen healthy relationships with their families.


‘Aftercare’ is the ongoing treatment and support that is available after an inpatient stay in an addiction or alcohol treatment centre. Aftercare enables people to reintegrate back into life and their community. Helping them to embed their recovery & new lifestyle back into their environment. This helps to minimise or avoid relapsing back into old behaviours and patterns and to establish a consistent support network.

Aftercare is also available for couples and families of those affected by addiction. A tailored aftercare package can be put in place to enable the whole family to fully understand addiction and get support from a therapist that works with and understands addiction. Without a robust, structured aftercare plan in place, treatment leavers are more at risk or relapsing back into old ways. People that engage in aftercare, following treatment, have more success integrating back into society and in their recovery/sobriety from addiction.

Feel free to call or email me from the contacts page if you have any queries or to arrange an appointment.