Professionals are all too often consumed with dealing with young people, clients and stakeholders and their needs; as well as reports, targets and deadlines, that they forget about themselves and the emotional impact it can have on them. 

At least three young people in every classroom are suffering with a diagnosable mental health problem. This can take its toll on teachers and educational professionals, but often there is little support for them. You may even be questioning why you do the job you do and your reasons for entering that profession. 

I have worked with teachers, youth workers and other professionals for over a decade and am well aware of the pressures and lack of support and resources available. I can offer one-to-one counselling and group sessions to explore the issues, put strategies and plans in place and explore other services and pathways to assist you as well as being aware of, and paying attention to,  how this affects you as a professional.

Excessive stress in the workplace can easily turn into conflict in the workplace if appropriate support and effective strategies for dealing with it are not in place. This isn't something that should be ignored and can make your working life miserable, unproductive and can lead to burnout and fatigue-resulting in staff taking time off sick or seeking alternative employment.  .

I facilitate a number of workshops and trainings with professionals to meet your requirements and needs including conflict management.   This interactive workshop will provide team building opportunities, tools for resolving conflict in the workplace and will cover an array of topics such as team building, improved communication and productivity. The workshop will help organisations understand how conflict can arise at work and help employees to challenge their own behaviour, preventing conflict and building a positive and productive working  environment.

Please see the current workshop list in the fees and groups sections or contact me for more details.