Peer mentoring

London Counselling and Consultancy’s peer mentors training is a full day’s training incorporating learning with engaging activities, group work and discussions to enable young people to support and mentor their peers.  Young people gain the skills they require to enable them to set up, implement, sustain and market a successful peer support scheme in their school/ education establishment or youth organisation. Enabling them to support their peers who are currently experiencing a difficult time and assist them to gain greater emotional resilience and coping skills.

Offering training on listening skills, confidence building, problem solving, safeguarding and work around confidentiality and boundaries using discussions, role-play and activities to explore common issues they may be presented with. Themes include mental health, friendships and relationships, peer pressure and bullying related issues. 

Participants will leave the training with a greater awareness and understanding of the issues affecting young people, how best to support them and sustain their scheme. The training equips young people with the tools they need to achieve this. 

Peer mentors training objectives:

  •  Empower mentors to be able to provide peer support regarding a multitude of topics that affect young people.
  • Support peer mentors to listen, advise and support other young people around issues that are causing them distress.
  •  Inspire young people to participate in volunteering and develop a culture of peer support.
  •  Increased awareness of promoting and sustaining a successful peer mentoring scheme.
  • Improve the confidence and self-esteem of mentors due to increased responsibility of helping others.
  • Provide mentors with the tools to be able to create strategies for keeping themselves and others safe and healthy.
  • Improved communication and listening skills, boundaries and empathy.
  • An awareness and ability to promote positive social action in their school/community group.

The training also includes an optional staff briefing for any staff members who will support and oversee the peer mentors. This lasts 20-30 minutes and aims to explain the training and role of the mentors, give ideas for how the programme can be sustained and promoted in school, safeguarding concerns and answer any questions staff may have.

Peer mentors group supervision

Peer mentors group supervision involves the use of a group setting to enable mentors to reflect on their mentoring by pooling skills, experience and knowledge. The aim of the supervisions are to improve the skills and capability of both individuals and the group, recap on training, solve problems, action plan and set priorities, work as a team and learn from each other and give and receive constructive feedback.

Peer mentors supervision enables young people to regularly discuss their mentoring, their concerns and achievements. Mentors are also given an opportunity to review progress with setting up, implementing and sustaining their mentoring scheme and successfully promoting it in their school/ education establishment and youth organisation.

It is also an opportunity, as a group, to recap on listening skills, confidence building, problem solving, safeguarding and work around confidentiality and boundaries. 

Peer group supervision objectives:

  • Provide a safe and confidential space to discuss and share experiences of mentoring, challenges and achievements.
  • Provide a safe space for mentors to give and receive constructive feedback from peers and supervisor.
  • Provide mentors with the space to reflect on their learning, training and own process and development.
  • To review progress with setting up, implementing and sustaining their peer mentoring scheme

For further details or to book a training session or bespoke mentoring package please contact me.