Claire, London

My husband and I approached Laura for counselling while we were going through the adoption process. We found her sessions invaluable when exploring our own childhood issues in order to prepare ourselves for our new family. Our relationship is now stronger than ever as a result of her non judgmental and warm guidance and we would definitely recommend her if you are facing challenges in your relationships or family life. Claire

Debbie 44

When I first met Laura my heart and body had been heavy with grief for over 6 years.  My son had been tragically killed at the age of 16, leaving me with a huge amount of unanswered questions , fear and anxiety.  My life had become unbearable and I was left with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and despair, resulting in me wanting to die.  Laura listened and helped me pick through my distorted thinking patterns with empathy and understanding. She showed me how to understand and deal with all these unbearable feelings and release them from my psyche, as they were no longer serving me.  This was the most powerful and spiritual experience I had ever felt in my life, a true gift. I processed and released all the fear, anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, emptiness and loss, with her support. Leaving me to feel free and able to find peace, acceptance and forgiveness in my heart.  My life changed dramatically on the day of the release ceremony. Laura’s support and guidance, helped me to find my own truths and both my life and my families lives will change forever.  I now want to live and look forward to the future with my family.  It has been life changing. I will always remember my time with Laura and will be eternally grateful for her sharing her knowledge, wisdom and kind words. I cannot thank her enough. Laura, you are a beautiful lady, inside and out. Forever in my heart. Debbie

Russ, 58

I am what you would think a successful entrepreneur from the south of England .I have no money worries and 5 lovely children whom I love, and they adore me. From the outside it looks like I have the  perfect life.  My mother died when I was seventeen, being now 58 the effect of losing my entire security and rock was profound. Everyday of my life I thought of her and was upset …I didn’t compute that this was why I felt numb and depressed on a regular basis …I tried shopping ,drinking you name it and nothing really made me satisfied.  I have had a few therapists over the years and was becoming disillusioned at the lack of progress with them. I decided to book a few weeks in a retreat in Spain to try and get some clarity on life, not really thinking that there were any quick fixes. I met Laura there and had several counselling sessions with her before trying some therapeutic release work.   I cannot believe the effect she has had on my life. She showed me how to face and then release the unhealthy way I was dealing with mothers death and a new way that doesn’t hurt, but makes me smile and thankful that she was my Mother.  It was a little miracle for me and I feel very lucky to have come across Laura. My only wish is that I had met her 20 years ago.  Russ

Anon, 56

I saw Laura for a relatively short period of time, at her retreat, doing both inner child and release work.  Completing this work enabled me to leave behind a burden I had carried for a long time.   I felt safe doing this work with Laura.  She was encouraging and supportive and guided me gently through some difficult past experiences and emotions.  I loved her guided meditations.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to complete this difficult work with someone as knowledgeable, kind and compassionate as Laura.

Iain, 41

I had spent 27 years in fear of my abuser and the fears I held inside about how worthless my life was.  My self esteem didn’t exist but was counterbalanced by a huge ego that led me to a life of pitiful excess. Cocaine and alcohol blotted the pain and the emotion but created utter chaos in my life. Restful sleep was but a dream, I had rarely slept well since childhood.  Intense “emotional release” work with Laura allowed me to see that I need not carry my abusers sickness through into my life anymore. I learnt how to let go of the emotional anchor and value myself as a living human being. This has massively benefited my life. I am now almost a year clean and sober without a single relapse.  I work a life programme now that has allowed me to connect with my wife and children like never before. I sleep great, knowing that each day I am honest with myself and those in my life. If you have similar issues and want to gain control of your life again, I can not recommend Laura Smart highly enough. We cried together, we laughed together, we grew together. Thank you.  Iain