I am an experienced group facilitator and trainer with over a decades experience of developing and delivering workshops and training programmes, and facilitating group work in educational, corporate, community settings and addiction treatment centres.

I facilitate the following workshops and training’s with young people, parents, adults and professionals: 

Tailor made workshops and training’s to meet your requirements

Tailor made workshops and training’s to meet your requirements

  • Building and maintaining self-esteem, self-efficacy and positive body image

  • Mental health awareness and building emotional resilience

  • Self care and stress management: Integrating body, mind and spirit to reduce stress

  • Peer mentors training: Setting up, sustaining and marketing your mentoring scheme

  • Young people and addictions: Substance abuse, internet, social networking, gambling

  • Friendships and relationships: Building and sustaining healthy relationships (young people)

  • Health communication: The key to successful relationships (professionals and adults)

  • Identifying and reclaiming your Inner Child (2 days)

  • Anger Management: Exploring beneath the anger and taking back control

  • Recovering from Addictions: Healing and aligning the body, mind and spirit

  • Addiction starts and ends in the Brain: The biology behind addictions

  • Addiction: A three fold disease of body, mind and spirit

Training workshops are informative, engaging and enable attendees to work as a team.  I use mindfulness techniques and meditations to centre and ground participants as well as using scenarios, case studies, quizzes and videos to ensure maximum learning and understanding.  

I have a safeguarding policy which is available upon request to schools and organisations booking workshops and training’s with young people.  

For more information and costings on bespoke training and group sessions please get in touch with me in the contact section.